Beads of Courage 2013 (The USS BOC)


Zooming through the seas, the USS Beads of Courage is unstoppable!
This is my 2013 donation for the Beads of Courage at SWAT this year. I have been working on this piece for about 2 months, off and on.  All parts of the submarine was turned and shaped from local Mulberry. The body, top piece and side pieces were pyro’d (wood burner) to simulate riveted panels. The turbine/propeller/lid was spiral carved, decorated on the end with my NSK Presto and dyed black.  It is a snug fit, as to not fall out, but easy to remove for the kid who receives it. 
The base was constructed from maple flat stock, painted on the supports and sand/shells and coral glued on.  Finally sprayed with rattle can lacquer for a “wet look”.
The sub is 11” long and about 9” at its widest.  Finished with Wipe on Poly.
I encourage everyone going to SWAT to make at least one lidded container/box for a donation. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just made and donated.  I hope my piece brings a smile to a kid that hasn’t had it so good while going through their treatments.

The Beads of Courage program is for children undergoing treatments to save their lives.  For each treatment they receive a bead for a necklace.  Some of the children have tubs of these beads after years of treatments.  This aspect of the program has wood turners creating wood boxes (lidded containers) to donate so that the children would have a place to store their most treasured beads.  Every year, at the SWAT Symposium the number of donated boxes grows.  in 2012 there were 109 lidded boxes donated!!!